Full ring ovalization test

Full Ring Ovalization test for determining the susceptibility to cracking of linepipe steels in sour service.

BS 8701, OTI 95 635

Typical Setup


This test determines susceptibility to cracking of steel pipes in sour service.

A tubular specimen comprising a full circumferential ring is used. This test applies to any pipe with or without seam or girth weld. 

Subodh is the FIRST and ONLY commercial metallurgical Laboratory in India to conduct this test.

Sour service problems in susceptible pipeline steels are caused by the various forms of Hydrogen Damage due to the presence of wet hydrogen sulfide (H2S). An industry-proven technique for assessing pipeline steels is to stress a full ring specimen in a sour environment. 

This Test uses a well tried experimental procedure to exert a known stress level at two regions on a full ring section of pipe steel.

The lab follows BS 8701 and OTI 95 635 Test Methods

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