Discover unparalleled Creep/Creep-Rupture & Stress Rupture Testing services

Subodh Material Technologists has capability to perform Creep and Stress Rupture Testing at its state-of-the-art expansive testing facility in Rabale Navi Mumbai.

The testing machines with a high precision , high accuracy Three zone furnace are capable of testing at temperatures from 100 Deg. C to 1200 Deg. C


Creep is high temperature progressive deformation at constant stress. 

"High temperature" is a relative term dependent upon the materials involved.

 Creep rates are used in evaluating materials for boilers, gas turbines, jet engines, ovens, or any application that involves high temperatures under load. 

Understanding high temperature behavior of metals is useful in designing failure resistant systems.

Creep is a type of deformation that is important and experienced in a wide range of industries ranging from nuclear power plants, jet engines and even heat exchangers.

There are three main stages of creep:


Stress rupture testing is like creep testing aside from the stresses are being higher than those utilized within a creep testing. 

Stress rupture tests are utilized to find out the time it takes for failure so stress rupture testing is always continued until failure of the material occurs. 

Standard followed: ASTM E139 , ASTM E292

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