Low (Cryogenic) Temperature Tensile Testing

Low Temperature Tensile Testing (Tensile Testing @Cryogenic Temperatures)

Unlocking the Secrets of Materials: Explore Cryogenic Tensile Testing for Unrivaled Strength Insights! 

Subodh Material Technologists has introduced Low Temperature Tensile Testing from +10 Deg.C upto -196 Deg C

The unique facility at ST allows tensile testing upto minus 196 Deg. C. at a controlled Loading Rate. The precisely controlled chamber houses the tensile specimen that needs to be tested. The temperature is controlled within ± 1 Deg.C

The test involves straining a test piece by tensile force for the determination of one or more of the mechanical properties defined in ISO 6892-1:2009, Clause 3.
The test is carried out at a specified temperature between +10 Deg.C and -196 Deg.C


* Precise Temperature Control 

* Stable mounting on Testing machine to give out consistent and proper results

*Controlled Loading Rate complying to ISO and IS standards

Test Standards followed: ISO 6892-3 / IS 1608 part-3