Mock up Tests

Mockup tests as per ASME Section IX are performed at Subodh Technologists on a regular basis.

All welds in the mockup assembly shall be subjected to the following tests and shall meet the applicable acceptance criteria:

  • Visual Examination. The accessible surfaces of the welds shall be examined visually with no magnification required. The welds shall show complete fusion, be free from visual cracks or porosity indications, and have no evidence of burning through the tube wall.
  • Liquid Penetrant. The liquid penetrant examination shall meet the requirements of Section V, Article 6 of ASME Section IX. The weld surfaces shall meet the requirements of QW-195.2.
  • Macro-Examination. The mockup welds shall be sectioned through the center of the tube for macro‐examination. The four exposed surfaces shall be smoothed and etched with a suitable etchant (see QW-470) to give a clear definition of the weld and heat‐affected zone. Using a magnification of 10X to 20X, the exposed cross sections of the weld shall confirm (a) minimum leak path dimension required by the design (b) no cracking (c) complete fusion of the weld deposit into the tubesheet and tube wall face.