SCC of Aluminium as per ASTM G47

Subodh Technologists has introduced the Stress Corrosion Cracking of Aluminium Alloy products by alternate immersion test at its laboratory in Rabale, Navi Mumbai.

The sophisticated equipment provides precise alternate immersion of the test specimen complying fully to the standard requirements. These tests are required by Navy as well as Defence.

Stress Corrosion Cracking by alternate immersion:

The ASTM G47 test solution provides a test environment for detecting materials that would be likely to be susceptible to SCC in natural outdoor environments, especially environments with marine influence. This test can be useful for other alloys also.

Why Subodh?

    • First commercial metallurgical lab to have this test facility including loading flat specimen.

    • First commercial metallurgical lab to have this test facility covered under NABL scope of accreditation.

    • Experienced and Skilled Technical Staff capable of conducting complex tests like these.

    • Precise Specimen preparation as per customer and standard requirement.

    • Low Turnaround Time

    • Prompt Customer service

    • High Precision. High Accuracy Machines.

    • Following International Standards, Industry Best Practices and Validated Test Methods.

Standard: ASTM G47:2011